• Interactive CPU Charts by Tom's Hardware: compare side-by-side two different AMD and INTEL proccessors in games, sound, compression benchmarks. + VGA Charts, CPU Charts.
  • Monthly cpu, memory, videocard price guides by Anandtech.

  • A decent Intel, AMD and Apple processors shoutout, compared by a typical Pentium 4 rating.
  • Processor Electrical Specifications: Abs. Max. Voltage, Typical Amperage, Maximum Amperage, Maximum Power Dissipation, Max. Case Temp.
  • Overclockers.Ru: enthusiasts share ideas and mods. Database of overclockable processors and motherboards.

    At 2:03 PM GMT+3, Blogger vito said...

    Hallo, bin ein wenig gesurft und fand dein blog. Ich denke du hast ein interessantes Thema hier. Auf jeden Fall werde ich dich und dein blog zu den Favoriten nehmen.


    Grüße und alles Gute ! :-)


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