shock and awe: a goat, a woman and water

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Nice black and white photo of a woman trying to get into water and a goat watching carefully.


Got a Linux server? Be sued!

The report came from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (in russian):

"We are at a our company branch in Nizhny Novgorod today experienced the dog with the militia (c) took a linux server. The wording is - THERE IS NO AN ICON "My Computer", SO THE MACHINE IS WITHOUT LICENSE. It's that simple.

Excellent. You get your Linux server at your company. The militia put an eye on your screen, and shiver greedly, because a) it's Windows; b) there is no appropriate icon; c) it's non-licensed version of Windows; d) profit!

And we have in three months the idea of deploying "a passport system of Internet users" by Russian government. Nice.



Noticable computer hardware shops (mostly Moscow). Use it for reviews and compare.

  • SunRISE PRO online version (drop-down, no sort pricelist version). Location: Moscow, Savelovo.
  • Ultra Computers: handy configure tool, low cost, problems with an assortiment.
  • NIX.Ru: pricelist with carefully tested cpus, videocards, hdd. Compare & buy.
  • OLDI. Not covered by listing exchanges, carry hard-to-find goods.
  • FCENTER: Good basket selection. Pricey. LCD monitor, cases, optical drivers reviews.
  • Moscow version Price.ru: locate fresh prices in different online and offline shops.

  • Formoza-Sokol old-but-gold notebooks on sale. Note models with 1600x1200 screen size. Scroll down to newly arrived models.


  • Interactive CPU Charts by Tom's Hardware: compare side-by-side two different AMD and INTEL proccessors in games, sound, compression benchmarks. + VGA Charts, CPU Charts.
  • Monthly cpu, memory, videocard price guides by Anandtech.

  • A decent Intel, AMD and Apple processors shoutout, compared by a typical Pentium 4 rating.
  • Processor Electrical Specifications: Abs. Max. Voltage, Typical Amperage, Maximum Amperage, Maximum Power Dissipation, Max. Case Temp.
  • Overclockers.Ru: enthusiasts share ideas and mods. Database of overclockable processors and motherboards.
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  • ZAO MezhregionUgol - coal exports from Russia to Europe.

  • WIND:
  • TMA's vertical axis wind turbine. Design creates pull on the back side, contributing to 40%+ wind conversion efficiencies; doesn't kill birds; runs more quietly; and doesn't need to be installed as high, blending better with landscape. Generating costs estimated at 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, surpassing conventional energy sources.

  • Chorin Biomass:
    ... radiation energy (net primary production, NPP) emanating from the sun that is biologically absorbed in biomass amounts to approximately 50 billion t of crude oil equivalent units every year. ... current primary energy requirements of 9.7 billion t of crude oil eq units per year.
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