Noticable computer hardware shops (mostly Moscow). Use it for reviews and compare.

  • SunRISE PRO online version (drop-down, no sort pricelist version). Location: Moscow, Savelovo.
  • Ultra Computers: handy configure tool, low cost, problems with an assortiment.
  • NIX.Ru: pricelist with carefully tested cpus, videocards, hdd. Compare & buy.
  • OLDI. Not covered by listing exchanges, carry hard-to-find goods.
  • FCENTER: Good basket selection. Pricey. LCD monitor, cases, optical drivers reviews.
  • Moscow version Price.ru: locate fresh prices in different online and offline shops.

  • Formoza-Sokol old-but-gold notebooks on sale. Note models with 1600x1200 screen size. Scroll down to newly arrived models.


  • Interactive CPU Charts by Tom's Hardware: compare side-by-side two different AMD and INTEL proccessors in games, sound, compression benchmarks. + VGA Charts, CPU Charts.
  • Monthly cpu, memory, videocard price guides by Anandtech.

  • A decent Intel, AMD and Apple processors shoutout, compared by a typical Pentium 4 rating.
  • Processor Electrical Specifications: Abs. Max. Voltage, Typical Amperage, Maximum Amperage, Maximum Power Dissipation, Max. Case Temp.
  • Overclockers.Ru: enthusiasts share ideas and mods. Database of overclockable processors and motherboards.
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  • ZAO MezhregionUgol - coal exports from Russia to Europe.

  • WIND:
  • TMA's vertical axis wind turbine. Design creates pull on the back side, contributing to 40%+ wind conversion efficiencies; doesn't kill birds; runs more quietly; and doesn't need to be installed as high, blending better with landscape. Generating costs estimated at 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, surpassing conventional energy sources.

  • Chorin Biomass:
    ... radiation energy (net primary production, NPP) emanating from the sun that is biologically absorbed in biomass amounts to approximately 50 billion t of crude oil equivalent units every year. ... current primary energy requirements of 9.7 billion t of crude oil eq units per year.
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