Noticable computer hardware shops (mostly Moscow). Use it for reviews and compare.

  • SunRISE PRO online version (drop-down, no sort pricelist version). Location: Moscow, Savelovo.
  • Ultra Computers: handy configure tool, low cost, problems with an assortiment.
  • NIX.Ru: pricelist with carefully tested cpus, videocards, hdd. Compare & buy.
  • OLDI. Not covered by listing exchanges, carry hard-to-find goods.
  • FCENTER: Good basket selection. Pricey. LCD monitor, cases, optical drivers reviews.
  • Moscow version Price.ru: locate fresh prices in different online and offline shops.

  • Formoza-Sokol old-but-gold notebooks on sale. Note models with 1600x1200 screen size. Scroll down to newly arrived models.


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